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Amid discussions of environmental sustainability, another problem has begun to come to light: the staggering amount of food that goes entirely unconsumed in the developed world. By estimation, 45% of what ends up as waste at local landfills daily is food. The coronavirus pandemic has only further exacerbated this issue, exposing the long entrenched disparity between those with surplus food and those compromised by hunger. To address this mismatch in food resources, we have incorporated food waste reduction strategies, aiming to restore the integrity of our food system and the meaningful access to quality food among the poorest households who are disproportionately affected by disparity.

Source: The Star

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Food Rescue

Food Composting

Impact by Numbers since 2017

Meals Packed and Delivered
> 12000 kg
meals packed and delivered
Food Waste Composted
> 62000 kg
of food waste composted
Individuals Benefitted
> 51000
individuals benefitted
Volunteerism Hours
> 0
volunteerism hours clocked among Sunway staff

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