Campaign  Overview

The spate of geophysical disasters and public health emergencies in recent years constantly remind us of our higher purpose, which includes being an active ally in supporting communities in crisis. Our pledge of support includes financial assistance and in-kind donations. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, we committed more than RM60 million to support public healthcare institutions and to provide retailers rent-free days when the first lockdown was imposed. Our people also volunteer their time for pro-bono work, such as packing and delivering supplies to victims and aid providers across the nation.

Project  Highlights

Discover the impact we yield on deep-seated societal issues.

Flood Relief

COVID-19 Healthcare Services

COVID-19 Relief

Expansion of Vaccination Access

Impact by Numbers since 2019

COVID-related causes
> RM 59999000
channelled to all COVID-related causes
retail rental waived
RM 19999000
in retail rental waived
medical subsidy 
RM 11999000
allocated for medical subsidy
quarantine accommodations
RM 2899000
in hotel room nights offered as quarantine accommodations
individuals vaccinated
individuals vaccinated at Sunway’s facilities

Sunway in  Action

Nationwide, thousands of our staff volunteer their time and professional skills to advance the agenda of our corporate philanthropy. See their stories in pictures.

Feature  Content

Stories and insights that detail the full spectrum of our #SunwayforGood master plan.