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Early Signs of Autism

Christine Yu, a Senior Speech-Language Therapist at Sunway Medical Centre she shares with us some early tell-tale signs of autism in children.

A Closer Look at Poverty

More than 780 million people in the world are currently living on less than RM 7.77, according to data from the World Bank. Sunway examines the issue of poverty.

War on Plastic

Malaysia is taking a step forward in reducing single-use plastic. Under the new government policy, there will be no more drinking straws and plastic carrier bags by 2030. Sunway examines the problem...

Meet Sharon Kong, finalist for 2019 Dedicated Teacher Awards by the Cambridge University Press

Ms. Sharon Kong, a Biology Lecturer from Sunway College Cambridge CGE-A-Level was voted as one of the six finalists, out of 4,000 nominations worldwide, for the 2019 Dedicated Teacher Awards by the...

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is one man, with a revolutionary mindset that brought a huge change to South Africa. There are many things people remember him for, but his ideology on education is something that was...

Raya Cheer 2018!

Raya Cheer is back for the 17th year to spread some good. Every year we try our best to give back to the community. This year, we are planning three events in conjuncture with Hari Raya

Sunway helps 150 families create a reunion dinner to remember

Contribution of groceries for urban poor and cancer-stricken families this Chinese New Year

Bringing 850 students ‘Back-to-School’

Sunway Group contributes school supplies

Skating to the Olympics

Sunway Sports Scholarship recipient Julian Yee won Gold for figure skating in the SEA Games 2017, and most recently became the first Malaysian figure skater to qualify for the Winter Olympics set to...

Cambridge-Sunway partnership to tackle healthcare problems

The University of Cambridge partners with Sunway Group and the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation on healthcare and education – the university’s first such initiative in Asia

Run, Sunway, Run!

Sunway promotes sustainable living in Sunway City with the inaugural Sunway The Good Run

Celebrating Malaysia’s future leaders and athletes

With RM60 million in scholarships allocated in 2017, the JCF has disbursed a total of RM330 million to benefit society to date.

Joining hands for Zero Hunger

Sunway Group shares surplus food with the poor during Hari Raya, packs 240,000 meals and collects groceries to fight hunger through the Sunway Food Programme.

Concert for a cause

The Jeffrey Cheah Foundation hosts Cambridge choir to benefit kidney patients

Join us in helping the urban poor

In conjunction with Malaysia's 60th Birthday, we aim to pack 240,000 meals across 4 states

Closing the education gap

Sunway Education Group pledges RM1mil in scholarship to TFM students

What happens to leftover buffet food?

Find out how #zerofoodwastage uses surplus food to feed the urban poor

Nick Baker discovers Sunway City

Sunway City's sustainable initiatives get featured on National Geographic

Committed to community

Sunway Hotel Hanoi supports handicraft project to help local Vietnamese youths earn a regular income while the Kelab Sosial Sunway made a CSR trip to a Hanoi-based charity home

Sewn with love

Sunway Group and iM4U fm’s collaboration for the Fabrik Kasih welfare programme hits two-year mark, with Sunway Property and Sunway Construction pitching in to help the needy

Re-cycling for Mother Nature

Sunway Property continues its mission of promoting green living with its Race For A Better Planet initiative

Breathtaking Murals for Clean Air

Sunway REIT launches community sustainability campaign in the quest for a smoke-free environment.